As always, since apparently I don't understand the concept of updating any of my eighteen journals regularly, there is a lot too much to update. It seems to always happen a certain way...

I continuously (and almost non-stop) think about things that I'd love to update on/post about/touch on/rant about/announce/wtfever but am just too plain lazy to do it. Then the moment arises when I have the gumption to attack one of my journals and now I have fourty-five things I want to update about and rougly ten minutes to do it. Cripes.

I'll try to break it down into categories:

- I'm in my second ten weeks, which is about to end on Sept 8. That means I've made it to 20 weeks! Over four months! w00t!! I'm seriously so proud of myself for this, I'm really doing it man. We've come to the point that our Nursing I class is going to the shelter and we're putting our theories into practice. It's fun, but it's also very hard, tiring work. My adrenaline is pumping so much all day that by the time I get home I'm completely exhaaaaausted. I mean, you never know when you're going to get your face bit or ripped off, ya know!
- I've managed to establish a near-obsessed crush on my Dr. Veterinarian teacher, whom is 56 years old, shorter than me (which isn't saying much, I am almost 6 feet tall), round, bald and completely gray. In the meantime I have my tall, dark, handsome and stocky 33 year old boyfriend who is totally in love with me (if not a little stupid on the boyfriend front... stupid is as stupid does, right?), super smart, sweet and totally dotes on me every chance he gets. Granted, he isn't without flaw, but still. A story for another day, n'at. Dr. Veterinarian (or Dr. V from here on out) is mostly attractive to me because of his personality, and probably it has a lot to do with his position over me too (heh, get it? ba-dum tish). Again, story for another day.

Friends - old and new
- Speaking of near-obsessed teacher crushes, Mr. Guitar Teacher seems to have reappeared as well--although may be disappearing just as fast. Long story short, found his video on Youtube, followed Youtube to Facebook, friended dear teacher on facebook, got added, saw him online, messaged him, short conversation about him still being single and am I seeing anyone, and invited me to lunch. He was supposed to message me last Wed about having lunch this Wed but, as usual, he flaked. It's okay, it was nice just to rekindle old flames, even if it was just in memory.
- Speaking of rekindling old flames, guess who admitted he misses me a couple weekends ago? Nick. Yep. True story. He was tipsy, and he said it, and we talked for about five hours that night on the phone. That's about it.
- Speaking of talking to people on the phone, I finally heard from the elusive Angela!! Waow. Not too much happening with that, except that she and her loser now-ex have broken up for good. Thank bob. For serialz.
- Speaking of serialz... just kidding. That's pretty much it, except that I'm pretty much really hurt and upset with V right now, but whatever. I don't feel like getting into it now and I'm pretty sure it'll work itself out in time. Carpe diem, and such. :)

- Whew. There's really so much I want to say on this topic, but seeing as how it's 11 o'clock on Monday night and he is waiting upstairs for me to screw his brains out, I'll say that's going to have to wait. I would just like to say that it honestly feels like I'm falling back in love with him, which is not only quite pleasant but a major relief, seeing as how everything seemed to be crumbling to pieces for the last several months. Details later.

Social life
- Finally getting back out into the scene! Or, a scene a least. Last weekend V, myself and another friend went to Lucky's - a cute little gay bar down in the Strip District. There was a bar downstairs, a cool little lounge/bathroom area on the second floor/platform/whatever, and upstairs was the dance floor, DJ and another bar complete with giant wangs dancing in your face and everything! Had a FUCKING BLAST dancing the night away!!! I missed that sooooo much. Oh my goodness. Next weekend Bill and I (and hopefully some other friends, whoever we can coerce into joining us) will be going to an event hosted by Impulse Pittsburgh (was a freak accident, really), that'll be held on Neville Island here in Pittsburgh. It's $5 cover and it's beach themed. Lots of cool stuff seems to be going to happen there, I'm so excited!!! Did I mention it's an all-girl gay bar event? Teehee, teeeeehheeeee. *Dr. Evil pinky face*

- Oh ya know. Bad Girls Club: New Orleans, Weeds, The Real L Word, US of Tara, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Futurama, Wilfred. That's pretty much all I can remember, close enough.

Okay, Bill is hounding me and I really do have to actually go to school tomorrow, so peace out homies! :)


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