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([personal profile] ariestess posting in [community profile] thedailywriter Jul. 10th, 2017 10:31 am)
Congratulations to [personal profile] ariestess & [ profile] mayachain for completing their goal in June!

Writer Pledge Progress
[personal profile] ariestess 1250 words/day --/38750 words
[ profile] chamilet 100 words/day --/3100 words
[personal profile] chochiyo_sama 1500 words/day --/46500 words
[ profile] mayachain 400 words/day --/12400 words
[personal profile] shadowcat 2000 words/month --/2000 words

~ Just a quick reminder to post here at the end of each week (or at the end of the month) with your word count :)
~ Also, you are signing up for 31 days' worth of writing, so if you happen to start in the middle of the month, please adjust your goals accordingly:)


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