I skipped school today. I was disgustingly stressed yesterday and needed a day to myself. Between my best friend acting like a dick one weekend, and a weekend or two afterward being completely disappointed in this even I spent so long waiting for (which was mostly my fault, TBH) and Bill's retard friend showing up and making a burden of himself and his psycho bitch-driver, my nerves were already burnt when I had to endure three hours of Dr. V fucking with our heads in Pharmacology I and teaching one table of students out of three. Fucking bullshit man. It's really starting to piss me off. I'm so ready for my new classes on the 12th.

Speaking of, from what I've heard we've been scheduled the classes we're having because the earlier start-date students, the ones who are getting ready to go on externship, need to take these classes. So we're being bumped ahead classes so those students can get done and graduate. Wtf? We're having Veterinary Nursing Procedures II on Mondays and Wednesdays, Specialized Nutrition and Hematology and Urinalysis Techniques on Tuesdays and Thursdays and English Composition M-Th. I almost want to try and test out of English, but I think it may actually be a class I'll enjoy if the teacher doesn't end up being a douche, which I'm afraid he will. :( I may try anyway, fuck being there until sometime AFTER 5.

Anywho, going to go find something to play/write/study/do.
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